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Which of these best describes you?

I am a salary earner but would love to make money in addition to my salary. I want my family to enjoy the good things of life. Can this work for me?

I want to join a network marketing company that provides me with actionable resources on how to recruit my downline and earn. Is this possible?

I want join a network marketing company that doesn’t require me to spend huge amount of money upfront to become a distributor. Is this possible?

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Why Join {MLM Brand}?

You are invited to join our distributor program and enjoy the following benefits

Promote a unique product that consumers can’t wait to sign up for

Earn up to N173,250 commission on Platinum subscription sign up, if you join as platinum yourself

Low starting capital

Early retirement opportunity

Transferable wealth generation

Excellent marketing and Compensation plan

How It Works

Sign Up

To join our {Brand} distributors program and get an invite.


Buy {Brand} product to qualify for passive income opportunities

Recruit & Earn

Get your team to replicate the model and earn commissions for every purchase made through your downline

Meet Some Of Our Top Earning Distributors

“It’s been a wonderful experience to work with {Brand} distributors program over the past 5 years. I’ve also been a long-time customer of Phytoscience products. In the past 5 years, my power team has created 70 millionaires.”

Willy Toh

“{Brand Name} Distributors Program has been a great group to join for the last 2 years. It gives me an opportunity to earn passive income without working too hard.”

Michael Uwaifo

“Ever since I joined {MLM Brand Name} distributor program, I’ve been happy to see success and growth in my downline, just by sharing product testimonials.”

Razak Lassim

How Much Can You Make?


You earn as much as N12,647 if you are Silver yourself.


You earn as much as N68,438 if you are Gold yourself.


You earn as much as N173,250 if you are Platinum yourself.

How To Start

“If you are accepted I will send you my team’s auto-recruiting systems to build your downline of runners without bugging friends and family!”

Limited Time Offer, ending on June 30th

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