Strengthen your Immune System in as little as 14 Days, Guard Against COVID-19 and Other Diseases with Actual Plus Combo

A scientifically-proven way to:

Build and strengthen your immune system

Flush out the toxins in your body

Regulate blood sugar and fat

Replenish & regenerate your body cells

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Do Any Of These Situations Best Describe You?

My Immune System Is Down

I want to boost, strengthen, build my immune system and stop being sick. Is it possible with Actual Plus?

Need to reduce blood sugar

I want a supplement that can regulate my blood sugar. Is this possible with Snowyphyll Forte and Actual Plus?

I want to detoxify

I’m looking to cleanse my system of toxins and live a healthy life? Can this combo help me?


Snowphyll Forte and Actual+ Stemcell Supplement Combo

The newest, fastest and scientifically-proven way to the best way to boost, strengthen and build your immune system, regulate blood sugar, rebuild & replenish red blood cells, improve weight loss and flush out ailments such as; bad breath, inflammation, indigestion, kill harmful bacteria and germs.

Actual Plus contains 18 Fruits, 12 Vegetables & 9 Spices to boost, strengthen and build your immune system.

Taking Snowphyll Forte and Actual+ Daily Can Boost Your Health Faster From Diseases

Why should you use Snowphyll™ Forte?

It is specially formulated with antioxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds of Vitamin A, C & E that reduce inflammation, kill harmful bacteria and germs.

Rebuilds Haemoglobin & Red Blood Cells to boost your body with energy and reduce fatigue.

Detoxify your Body to flush out the toxins in your body that causes chronic illnesses.

Manages your Blood Sugar & Weight Loss

Aid in Gastrointestinal Problems

Why should you use Actual Plus?

Actual+ is NOT a drug but WORKS MORE THAN a drug.

It has a blend of 100% pure ingredients (18 Fruits, 12 Vegetables & 9 Spices) to boost, strengthen and build your immune system.

It is processed with modern biotechnology to produce premium quality herbal drops that exert recovery or healing effect on different kinds of diseases.

It is very beneficial for your body cell regeneration. 

See how to use it for best results

To maintain immunity (5 Drops; 3 Times Daily)

Five drops in a glass of room temperature water (never use hot water), three times daily, make sure to shake well before usage.

To recover from diseases (10 Drops; 3 Times Daily)

Ten drops in a glass of room temperature water (never use hot water), three times daily, make sure to shake well before usage.

Strict storage guidelines you must follow

To retain its potency, you need to keep it dry, store away from direct sunlight and children, and keep in a cool place.

Your Frequently Asked Questions… Answered.

Why do my feces appear greenish consuming Snow Algae Chlorophyll?

Before total cleansing takes place, the body fails to absorb all the goodness of chlorophyll and the excess gets discharged. Once toxins are cleared, absorption will then improve and feces will no longer appear green. This means your body is ready to take in all the nutrients in Snow Algae chlorophyll.

Can Snow Algae Chlorophyll be used as an antiseptic?

Yes. With the cleansing power it has, Snow Algae Chlorophyll is effective in removing bad breath and body odor. Daily intake one sachet of Snow Algae Chlorophyll will ensure total body cleansing from the internal organs to the skin.

Why do some people experience discomfort like dry throat, headache, feverish and thirst after drinking concentrated Chlorophyll?

These are positive reactions after drinking chlorophyll, a result of the cleansing function. After this, you will feel high-spirited and energetic. To speed up this cleansing effect, you may want to drink plenty of water or begin with lower dosage, then gradually increase intake as your body slowly adapts to the changes.

Can I take Snow Algae Chlorophyll while I am taking doctor’s prescribed medicines?

Yes you can take Snow Algae Chlorophyll. It will help the liver to detoxify the side effects of medicine.

With improved health conditions after taking Snow Algae Chlorophyll can I discontinue it’s consumption?

Yes, you can. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you continue with Snow Algae chlorophyll intake daily to ensure continuous supply of essential nutrients for good health.

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See What Happy Customers Are Saying About It

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See What Happy Customers Are Saying About It

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